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As you may know, I am back home again. I have been spending time with family and friends and it has been amazing. Today I reconnected with some old friends, one of which I had not seen in 7 years! We took a quick day adventure up to our local mountains and did some rock climbing. I finally took my cast off and can get back to training and taking pictures. Here are some of the ones I took today.

The area was called the Arrowhead Pinnacles. It is an awesome crag with tons of great climbing and plenty of potential for more. The rocks are littered with crimps, jugs, slopers, cracks, and pockets. Getting up to the mountains is always something I enjoy. I grew up there and it provides the escape I need from the city every once in a while. And the view is always worth it!

Being back home is a good feeling. It may be overwhelming at times, but I am surrounded by great great and great family. The weather is ALWAYS nice here, so hopefully more climbing trips will be coming soon!

Till then,

Kyle Simmons

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Living in…Home Again

Home again…

I’ve come to the conclusion once again. Home is where I will go. I am here now, what do I do? Reconnect with old friends, hang out with family, get a job. Who knows. All I know is I am home now. And it is time to make the best of it! Starting with these pictures I took of my mom’s horse. Enjoy!



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Reflections: Coachella 2011

This summer I spent some time back home in Redlands, CA. After I finished the semester at SBCC I had nowhere else to go till I left again for Yosemite in late June. Home is a very interesting place for me, as it is with anyone. Sometimes it is frustrating and you can begin to feel trapped. But catching up with old friends and making new experiences in your hometown is worth all the monotony that it can bring. One of the most exciting things that happened that summer was Coachella 2011. My friend Ryan and I got the privilege of going in exchange for yard work. I had to sneak my camera in so I couldn’t get much footage, but I put this little summary together of Day 2.

Coachella is insane! Thats really all there is to be said. The size and scale of everything is mind bending. Four-story stages, thousands upon thousands of lazers, speakers, and dancing girls; it truly is out of control. 

More than just a music festival, Coachella offers arts and crafts, many food vendors, and informational booths. But mostly what Coachella and other music festivals provide is a sense of unity and human spirit. Music is one of the very few things that has the ability to bring people together. There was an atmosphere of generosity and sharing all around the car campgrounds. And inside was a blissful portrait of what humans can put together with enough creativity and funding!

One massive three-day long party. If the music is too loud than you are too old…or you took too much of those little things your friend gave you. Truly a party marathon, my friend and I were wiped out at the end! Four hours of terrible sleep a night combined with walking around and dancing in 100 degree heat with no water for three days gets to you quick. But we will be back. Because with all the inconvenience comes the chance of a lifetime. You get to see your idols, on stage, right in front of you, rocking the hell out of your ears all day long! And that’s a whole lot of fun.







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Photo of the Week: December 4-10

Living in Santa Barbara is a blast! Constant summer, constant, party, constant good times. Last spring I took this while attending Santa Barbara City College for a class project. It reminds me of summer and of old friends which is comforting as the cold weather approaches.

Soccer with Dan