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My Front Porch

My Front Porch

In a simple little mobile home, in a simple little town, we sit on our front porch. The air still holding the fresh scent of rain, the clouds looming in the background. We sit, tomorrow will be sunny again. But I hope the rain comes back soon! Till then…


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Birthday Town

This weekend my mom and I made a trip down to LA to go to my cousins birthday dinner. We went to a restaurant called Farrell’s. If you have ever been to Farrell’s you know what I mean when I say it is a lot to handle. The place has gone mad! The waiters act like they have been taking shots of 5 Hour Energy in the back and every 3-5 minutes a siren goes off and they run around with a large tray filled with ice cream and sing songs. They must have had ten or fifteen different versions of birthday songs to memorize!

The night started around 3:30 or 4:00 pm. We turned the corner of Brea Blvd. and what we saw was terrifying! A line half a block lock, gridlocked with screaming children, strollers, and probably just over 100-150 people. We got in line, and we sat in line…then we sat in line some more…and then some more until 3 hours later a ginormous man in size 14 shoes, high water pants and a stripped vest escorted us to our table.

The inside was like nothing I have ever seen. Flags and drums and ice cream fountains and balloons and fire works…it was endless! Since it was my cousin’s birthday we got the entire parade, base drum and all, sent right to our table! Lucky us. My cousin said she was dreading the thing to come to our table, but when they got there it was a hip hop themed birthday song. So naturally she had to get on top of our booth and dance like a champ in the middle of the restaurant. But it was okay, because this type of thing is completely acceptable, even encouraged at Farrell’s.

Cousin dancing!

What an amazing meal! French dip, cheeseburgers, soup, onion strings, they have it all at Farrell’s. And at the end you get to choose from the most extensive dessert menu I have ever seen. Towards the end, I was starting to doubt myself on whether or not I was going to make it out alive! But we did, and even the streets of Los Angeles seemed silent and calm compared to the place we had just been.

Thats right, BACON SODA! I think the above two pictures pretty well sum up my experience at Farrells. Crazy waiters and lots of food. Truly a marathon of sorts, this place really is worth checking out! Even if just once to get the experience of what a food carnival feels like. We made it out alive, and I feel surprisingly healthy just one day later. Downtown Brea, Mission Viejo, Rancho Cucamonga, or Santa Clarita…Check it out soon

Till next time,

Kyle Simmons






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Yosemite and the stars

My Home in HD!. As you may know I have spent quite a bit of time living in Yosemite the last couple summers. Videos like this break my heart because I can’t be there in person…but that would not deter me from watching it. Thank you to Bluejay’s Way for posting this amazing film!

bluejay's way

Presenting Project Yosemite — be sure to watch it full-screen. I must see this for myself one day:

I’m awed and humbled to be in a universe where such beauty exists. That is all.

(via io9)

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Photo of the Week: January 22-28

Hello All,

Today I got more views on my blog than ever before! I am so excited to be delving deeper into the blogging world. All of you are so interesting and creative. Keep it up, and I will try to do the same! With that said, I will not be here Sunday to post an on-time Photo of the Week so…here it is.

Up on the granite domes of the Merced Pass and Little Yosemite Valley grow incredible Juniper trees. Flourishing in the cracks and crevices of the rocks, these trees can be hundreds of years old. Framed by the branches, out in the distance you can see the backside of Half Dome and Starr King Dome.

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Redlands: A photo essay, Part 1

Redlands, California is a little city nestled in a little valley, an hour away from everything. The beach, the mountains, and the desert are all possible options when considering a day trip. It is home to many successful companies which include beer breweries, bike shops, rock climbing companies, historic sites, museums, and more. One of the local favorites, Hangar 24, combines our prized oranges with their craft brews. 

Hangar 24 provides people the opportunity to go appreciate a local business and have an amazing time. The outdoor seating and abundant good weather gathers a large crowd even on most weeknights. From the deck you can view the Redlands airport. Comprised of mostly private planes and jets, it stays relatively active most of the day.

The north eastern portion of Redlands holds a lot of the towns historic orange groves. The wide open space and arid climate provide prime opportunity for citrus trees, and there is one on almost every street. During the early-mid part of the 1900’s the Inland Empire was host to thousands of orange groves and a number of them still reside. However, with the fairly recent uprising of shopping malls and the increasing development, some of the orange grove culture has disappeared. Remnants of the glory days lay all around town as a reminder of our towns rich history.

Among one of the founding features of the town was the University of Redlands. Founded in 1907, the college provides many liberal arts degrees which range from music to global business. Growing up in this town, I always knew the college existed of course, but it was not until I left for college that I found out how diverse the student body is. From Arizona to Colorado, Utah and all over California I have found people who go to or know someone who goes to the University.

Growing up in Redlands it feels like I did not appreciate the town till I came back from Arizona. Since then I have been finding out more and more about the place i grew up and the people who live here. It is good to be home and I look forward to many great bike rides, rock climbs, horse rides, and anything that comes my way! Check in soon.