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Photo of the Week: Feb 5-11

With a lot of local wildlife areas in San Bernardino county being blocked off or bought by private entities, attention needs to be brought to the importance of land protection. Many of our greatest recreation locations are currently closed to the public, and these occurences are happening more and more often. Our responsibility in the outdoors to keep areas clean and available for all is a huge burden to bear. However, with a little though put towards our actions and the actions of others we can keep hiking trails open for many years to come.



Hey there, My name is Nalah! My dad, Kyle Simmons, tells me I am 4 years old. We love to go outside and run! I love finding all the friendly people and places where I am allowed to be. I will do my best to give you the best beaches, trails, and squirrels to chase ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!! Hope you tag along for the best dog spots, workouts and advice on how to stay in great dog shape. Love, Nalah

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Feb 5-11

  1. In addition to recreation, we have to pay attention to habitat diversity. Many animals, especially during breeding season, need certain areas and their food supplies to support the heavy energy use involved. This is especially true of birds, but holds true for many mammals as well. Habitat destruction and pollution regarding reptiles is another major problem.

    Legislators need to learn that outdoor recreation is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 1996 it was valued at over $60 billion. It must be twice that today.

  2. It’s not only in public use areas, it’s on the side of our highways and in towns. One of my pet peeves is the irresponsibility of humans when walking, driving, playing, hiking, breathing! Why do people litter? Why do they tear up the mountains and fragile soil. We do need to be more responsible in how we handle our outdoor playrooms! Leave it in better shape than it was in when you arrived….or at least, do no harm! 🙂

    Love the photo. This could be the norm instead of the few if things progress. A powerful statement.

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