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Photo of the Week: March 25-31

On the road from Arizona to Colorado, somewhere around the Four Corners area, my friend and I got lost on an indian reservation. It felt like we were driving forever on a flat and empty strip of road. As we got further and further we realized we were going the wrong direction and turned around. But the bleak landscape did inspire a driving picture along the road. Hope you enjoy!


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The Land of Buttermilk and Honey: Returning to Bishop

Hello Again,

Tomorrow I get the opportunity to head out to Bishop, California for a couple days to rock climb. I have only been once, but the little time we had was some of the most fun I have had climbing. Bishop is world class granite bouldering and volcanic rock bouldering. Many of the problems are often visited by the worlds best rock climbers. Winter/early spring is the perfect time to be in Bishop, so it should be a great trip! I will be back with may images! Until then here are some old pictures from my last trip there in 2010.

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The Riverside Rock Quarry

Today I had the privilege of climbing at the Riverside rock quarry with some friends. The quarry has long been abandoned, but it left behind a treasure trove of vertical space for southern california rock climbers to develop. The long exposed cliff band is home to over 400 routes and was pretty busy for a thursday afternoon. Most of the rock is surprisingly good quality, leaving only a few spots exposed to looser chipped areas. We ended up doing a few different routes throughout the course of the day, and all of them were fun and challenging. Overall it was quite a success and I will be making my way back ASAP!



We were so worried about our climbing safety, we completely forgot about our animal safety. On rappel from the top of a route my foot landed in a clump of brush and exposed a large diamond back rattlesnake! We were so shocked and intrigued by the creature that, of course, we had to poke it. The snake was one of the most apathetic I had ever seen, but eventually he got tired of us and slithered into his hole. I even bumped into a pretty big lizard who decided to show off a little bit for my lens.

The Cliff Band looking left
The Cliff Band looking right

The day was amazing, the climbing was superb, and the weather is still nice in So Cal, so get down to your local climbing crag soon!

Till Then,

Kyle Simmons



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Reflections: Lake Tahoe

The time I spent in Lake Tahoe was unfortunately short, however some of my most vivid memories occurred during this time period. The climbing in this region is some of the best I have ever experienced. It is an endless slew of gritty granite that is reminiscent of a Joshua Tree/Yosemite combination. To top it off, you will be hard pressed to meet a friendlier and more accepting climbing community than Lake Tahoe. It was one of the most fun filled times of my life, and I will always enjoy going back. Here is a short movie I put together about late fall/early winter bouldering. Hope you enjoy!

-Kyle Simmons

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Photo of the Week: March 18-24

A tad early, but here is this weeks featured image. In Balboa Park last friday we stumbled across some pretty interesting trees with even more intriguing root systems. The huge roots grew over and under everything that stood in their way in the ongoing quest for nutrients. They even made their mark on one of the stone walls that got in the way.

Hope you enjoy!



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California Dreaming

Hello All,

It has been nearly a week since I last logged in, but I have been in San Diego to visit some friends on spring break. Luckily while I was there I snagged a few – in my opinion – decent images for you to check out! San Diego for me is always associated with great times on  sunny beaches and the hustle and bustle of downtown and Gas Lamp District areas. This time was no exception, and for the first time in six or seven years I got to visit the historical museum area of Balboa Park. This was quite an experience for me, as last time I was in this area I was in eight grade and therefore, too “cool” to care about anything cultural or educational, however this time was much more interesting!

A bird's eye view of the Gas Lamp District, San Diego, California

While we were in Balboa Park we visited a couple of the major attractions. The first place we went was the Museum of Photographic Arts. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed to be taken in the display rooms, but I did manage to capture a nice image of their beautiful lecture hall. After that we took a stroll through some of the botanical gardens and walking trails. Abounding with lush grasses, forests, mosses, and flowers the botanical gardens provide a pleasant getaway from the impetuosity of the big city.

And of course we had a chance to go to the beach! We went a couple times, but one day we were lucky enough to have a very interesting person sit next to us. He was a sandcastle master! Apparently this man’s creations have been subjects of commercials and entertainment pieces all around the country. He was just practicing that day, but what he created is still way beyond my sand sculpting capabilities. That day, as well with every other one, I was with my friends from Northern Arizona University. We took a group picture on Coronado Island with my friends (left to right) Chris, Kelly, and Greta. And I got what I think is a pretty good one of just Greta!

I am back home now, and the adventures will continue in the coming weeks as I am trying to move up to Flagstaff, Arizona ASAP. So I hope you will be stopping by soon! Thank you again for your time and attention.


-Kyle Simmons