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Climbing Kelly Canyon

Today my friends and I went out to a local bouldering spot called Kelly Canyon. Comprised of mostly sandstone rocks, many of the routes get pretty high off the ground. About twenty minutes south of Flagstaff Arizona, this spot holds some of the best bouldering in the area. Littered with slopers, crimps, and finger pockets, sandstone provides a variety that many types of rock cannot offer.



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Sedona Sending

Here is the former-mentioned video I put together from a climbing trip yesterday. As I mentioned, there is not any climbing footage…but trust us, we got to the top! Its a little quirky at the end and it has one of the new Black Keys songs. I hope you enjoy!


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Photo of the Week: April 22-28

Hello Again,

Yesterday I got the opportunity to do my first traditional climbing lead. Traditional climbing is when the lead climber clips the rope into “cams” or “nuts” they he or she has placed into cracks. Bolting crack climbs is strictly prohibited due to the damage it can cause the rock. Traditional (trad) clmbing is something that has eluded me until yesterday and I must say that I am now hooked. The climb was called Queen Vic and was rated a modest 5.7, but the day could not have gone better. Here is a photo I snagged just as I finished rappelling to the ground from the top. The light was hitting the gap between the two spires just perfectly and I got it just in time.

Tomorrow I will be uploading a video of the adventure (not much actual climbing footage unfortunately) and maybe some more images. Till then, enjoy!


Sun Shining Through Sedona Spires
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Photo of the Week: April 8-14

On a walk through Balboa Park in San Diego, California I came across a small pond. The gleam of light flickering off the water attracted my gaze and I took a picture, but it was not quite what I wanted. So I waited for a bit till just the right person walked through the reflection. The Woman in the Red Shirt is what I call this one, because she caught my eye at just the right time to snap the image. Hope you enjoy!

-Kyle Simmons

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An Afternoon Ride

March in southern California brings with it warmer weather and clean spring air. Scattered showers clear the air of its usual dust and smog, and make way for blue skies and sprawling views. On one particular afternoon my mom and I headed out to her stables to see Buddy Rosko, her large brown and white paint horse. He is a gigantic creature and moves with incredible grace and ease (when he wants to). My mom knows how to control him much better than I, but I did manage to get him to a gallop once or twice.

The stables are home to a variety of horses young and old, male and female. There are even a few stallions, one of which was not too pleased with my presence and especially not pleased with my camera. Within the inner workings of the stables there is a lot dirt, dust and drama. “This horse doesn’t get a long with that horse”, “the brown one bites” and “Don’t get too close to that one!” are all something you can expect to hear when dealing with these large creatures.

As large and bold as horses may be, they are graceful and often useful in the hands of a trained equestrian. They are beautiful creatures which have become close friends and companions of the human race, and once you move past the fear and other obstacles you can approach one and communicate unlike any other animal.

I hope your week has been filed with excitement and good fortune.

Till next time,

Kyle Simmons