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Bouldering at Buffalo Park

Last week my friends and I got a chance to go and see the Northern Arizona Cross Country Team race in the Big Sky Championships. The NCAA Division I teams did very well. The boys got first and the girls got third. I will post images from the race a bit later!

After the race we too a short walk over to a patch of boulders that have some amazing climbs on them. The boulders and the race were both at our beautiful Buffalo Park in Flagstaff, AZ. They are basalt rock that is littered with crack routes and finger pockets as well as little baby crimps and and big slopers! It is a very interesting place to climb, and it provides a little bit for every level of climber to struggle on.


The boulder patch is only about 300-400 feet long, but it is host to many quality climbs. For more information on Buffalo Park, check out the Mountain Project website guide here:

So there it is folks, come and see us sometime! If you want to do it this year, you better do it quick. We just got our first snow in Flagstaff today! It was barely an inch in town, but more will come soon I am sure! There will also be some more videos or images to come as the scenery changes! Thanks for visiting 🙂

Till next time,

Kyle Simmons

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This Years Garden

Last spring I tried gardening for the first time. Originally I had planted two gardens, but when some silly person came along and tore out my community garden plot and planted some flowers I was left with only the garden in my front yard. I attribute a great portion of success this season to the convenience of the situation.

Especially at the beginning of summer, I was often in my front yard watering three times a day because of our dry, hot,  Arizona, arid as hell air. But I loved it nonetheless and I now consider it one of my favorite things to do with my time. I cannot think of going another season without a garden in my front. yard! 

Along the way, as always I took some images I think you will enjoy. Let me know 🙂