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Bel Marin Keys

Bel Marin Keys

One of my favorite places to romp around in Marin County, CA is the Bell Marin Keys. There’s tons of water for me to jump in and plenty of birds to chase. There are also a couple lengthy and flat running path for your human friend. 

Your human friend can also jump in the water in the summer, but I am okay all year around! 

Whichever you prefer, staying dry or getting wet, I hope you get to got outside today! 

Till next time…
-Nalah 🐾

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Grass Mountain

Look at these flowers! Just look at them! We ran all the way up this mountain to find these flowers, I think. That’s what the objective appears to be, considering we never catch and kill food when we go outside for some reason. I don’t know where my dad gets the food from actually…but I digress.

This steep incline puts you at the top of one of the taller peaks on the Pacific Coast. On a clear day you can see Santa Barbara, San Luis Obisbo, and all the way down to LA.

Grass mountain is located in the Santa Yanez Valley. You can find directions and details here

The hike is dog friendly and, this coming spring I would definitely put it on my to-do-list. Just a short jump off Hyghway 101, and with all this rain, you know the poppies are going to be better than ever! (Even though it all looks pretty grey to me.)

If you’re reading this, then you are done with the article. Go grab your dog and get outside!

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I’m Taking Over!

My name is Nalah and I’m taking this blog over. I don’t imagine anyone will mind due to my dad’s absence. My dad tells me I am 4 years old and I love to run! I love the snow and the beach, and all forms of water actually.

Check in from now on to find out where the best spots to go for dogs are, I find all the good ones. And sometimes the places I’m NOT supposed to be…Whoops.

Also tune in for guest stories/information about fitness and food and travel from my mom (Larissa) and dad (Kyle)

Can’t wait to see who will be reading! See you on the trail.