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Settle Down Son!!

Hey Everyone,

As my last post said, I have not been on WordPress in a while. I have been living in Flagstaff, AZ for a while and I am loving it! Good times with good friends in a beautiful environment. I have taken a few images over the last few months that I hope you will enjoy!

I have been here about nine months now, which is the longest I have lived anywhere in the last four years! I am finding comfort in a set schedule and a warm bed. It has been difficult. When you get more responsibilities you no doubt loose certain freedoms and gain others. That transition was made easier by the wonderful surroundings. Flagstaff provides me with a perfect mixture of nature and city life.

My mom came to visit and we went to the top of our prize jewel. The tallest mountain in Arizona, Mt. Humphreys. Standing at 12,637 feet, Mt. Humphreys gets covered in snow in the winters and offers rock climbing and glorious aspen groves during the spring through fall.

Well there you go…A little taste of where I currently call home. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, a climbing bum never really stops moving around, but for now I believe I will be here for a bit. So look forward to more images and videos! I hope you see beauty today!

Thanks for visiting,

Kyle Simmons

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Last Turn on the Left

This last weekend was a trip of a lifetime. My friends and I spent the weekend in beautiful Moab, Utah. Moab is a place of much wonder and mystery. Scattered deserts with jutting bluffs and stark sandstone cliffs shooting out from the red earth provide a landscape that steals the breath and cultivates the imagination. It is places like this that make you reevaluate your place and purpose on this planet.

Reevaluation and accumulation of new thoughts, values and memories coupled with challenging rock climbs and time spent sleeping on the cryptobiotic soil underneath the vastly lit night sky. This is what Utah was all about for our small misfit group of dirtbag climbers. After all, isn’t dirtbagging what climbing is all about. Sharing jars of peanut butter for breakfast, boiling water over the open flame and scrounging for wood in the middle of the night gives you a connection to the places you stay. That is why we do it, that is why we rock climb. Not simply because of the stark challenge of the rock itself, but also for the experience as a whole. The knowledge that the outdoors can impart on you is indispensable.

I hope you get the chance to venture outside soon!

Till then,

Kyle Simmons

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An Afternoon Ride

March in southern California brings with it warmer weather and clean spring air. Scattered showers clear the air of its usual dust and smog, and make way for blue skies and sprawling views. On one particular afternoon my mom and I headed out to her stables to see Buddy Rosko, her large brown and white paint horse. He is a gigantic creature and moves with incredible grace and ease (when he wants to). My mom knows how to control him much better than I, but I did manage to get him to a gallop once or twice.

The stables are home to a variety of horses young and old, male and female. There are even a few stallions, one of which was not too pleased with my presence and especially not pleased with my camera. Within the inner workings of the stables there is a lot dirt, dust and drama. “This horse doesn’t get a long with that horse”, “the brown one bites” and “Don’t get too close to that one!” are all something you can expect to hear when dealing with these large creatures.

As large and bold as horses may be, they are graceful and often useful in the hands of a trained equestrian. They are beautiful creatures which have become close friends and companions of the human race, and once you move past the fear and other obstacles you can approach one and communicate unlike any other animal.

I hope your week has been filed with excitement and good fortune.

Till next time,

Kyle Simmons

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The Land of Buttermilk and Honey: Returning to Bishop

Hello Again,

Tomorrow I get the opportunity to head out to Bishop, California for a couple days to rock climb. I have only been once, but the little time we had was some of the most fun I have had climbing. Bishop is world class granite bouldering and volcanic rock bouldering. Many of the problems are often visited by the worlds best rock climbers. Winter/early spring is the perfect time to be in Bishop, so it should be a great trip! I will be back with may images! Until then here are some old pictures from my last trip there in 2010.