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Bouldering at Buffalo Park

Last week my friends and I got a chance to go and see the Northern Arizona Cross Country Team race in the Big Sky Championships. The NCAA Division I teams did very well. The boys got first and the girls got third. I will post images from the race a bit later!

After the race we too a short walk over to a patch of boulders that have some amazing climbs on them. The boulders and the race were both at our beautiful Buffalo Park in Flagstaff, AZ. They are basalt rock that is littered with crack routes and finger pockets as well as little baby crimps and and big slopers! It is a very interesting place to climb, and it provides a little bit for every level of climber to struggle on.


The boulder patch is only about 300-400 feet long, but it is host to many quality climbs. For more information on Buffalo Park, check out the Mountain Project website guide here:

So there it is folks, come and see us sometime! If you want to do it this year, you better do it quick. We just got our first snow in Flagstaff today! It was barely an inch in town, but more will come soon I am sure! There will also be some more videos or images to come as the scenery changes! Thanks for visiting 🙂

Till next time,

Kyle Simmons

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Tonight’s Sunset

Isn’t it incredible how many sunsets you have seen in your life, and yet how amazing each and every one of them shine out in their own beauty? On a bike ride today, I came across a very symmetric set of trees and the pink from the sunset hit our San Bernardino Peak in just the right way. Hope you had a chance to see your sunset today!

-Kyle Simmons

San Bernardino Peak at Sunset
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Living in: Limbo

Hello again,

The last month and a half has been one of the most eventful of my life. During the course of this time I had many mishaps and broken bones which was in turn, the end of my climbing season. My last few climbing days however, were awesome conclusions to what I consider my best (certainly most exhilarating) climbing season so far. I put together this video recently as the days started to get chilly and ice began to form on the rocks. This was all video from the last two days of climbing i got in.

Since I broke my arm I have been staying as active as possible. I was snowboarding a lot till work told me no more. So i decided that I am going to spend the rest of my time in Tahoe living it up! I have been hiking and hanging out with friends 24/7. Most recently  me and a couple of friends from Yosemite climbed the tallest peak in Tahoe, Mt. Rose. Coming in at 10,776 feet at the top, we were happy with it for the middle of December!

Summit Beer on Mt. Rose
Iced over waterfall at the base of Mt. Rose

It sure was cold at the top! We guessed with wind chill, temperature was close to zero degrees. When the time came to head down we got out from behind the rocks that were protecting us and instantly your hands and face felt frozen! We ran so fast with cold lungs and teary eyes to get away from that terrible wind. In about five or six minutes we were behind the mountain again with no worries. On the decent we got the sweetest fruits of our labor with an absolutely amazing sunset!

Sunset bellow Mt. Rose
Lake Tahoe at dusk

Most of the 10-11 mile hike was on packed snow/ice or loose rock. My friend Spittle and I managed to wreck ourselves pretty good on the ice. Brent managed to stay bruise free. We saw a lot more people than we expected on the trail. One of which was a very elderly man moving quite slowly up the hill. We saw him about 20 minutes down from the summit. He asked us if there was room for him at the top! It was very late and very cold and very windy up there. I sure hope he is okay. If not, at least the man got to see the best sunset of his life.

I love it when friends come to visit me because it forces me outside to actually go do something fun. And everyone knows my friends Spittle and Brent are no strangers to a good time. The hike was incredible and it re-inspired me to pick up my camera and get outside! I think we all need that little boost sometimes.

The view at 10,776 feet

Soon I will be moving back home to Redlands, CA. Many photo opportunities and adventures lie ahead so stay tuned! Until then I will keep bringing more good Tahoe times! May you live your day to the fullest!


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The Rim of the World

Hey there!

Yesterday I had the privilege of riding the Rim Trail from the top of Mt.Rose down to the entrance of the Flume Trail (about 20 miles total). It was by far the best mountain biking experience I have had to date. The view along a good portion of the rim is astounding! It is called the rim trail because it is literally on the rim of the mountain range. The view switches back and forth from the barren desert of the Carson valley to the blue Lake Tahoe Basin. Absolutely outrageous if you ask me.

The Carson Valley
Lake Tahoe

The bike I rode came from someone I have been working for a lot recently. He is super nice guy and I have been helping him plant trees and such around his house. Glad I accepted his offer because there is nothing I would have rather done that day. Along the trail the man kept pointing out different photogenic sites. At what he called, “Kodak photo point number fifty five,” he made me stand on top of this rock and do the “victory pose” with the bike in the air! One for the fridge I guess.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to go outside today!

-Kyle Simmons