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Bouldering at Buffalo Park

Last week my friends and I got a chance to go and see the Northern Arizona Cross Country Team race in the Big Sky Championships. The NCAA Division I teams did very well. The boys got first and the girls got third. I will post images from the race a bit later!

After the race we too a short walk over to a patch of boulders that have some amazing climbs on them. The boulders and the race were both at our beautiful Buffalo Park in Flagstaff, AZ. They are basalt rock that is littered with crack routes and finger pockets as well as little baby crimps and and big slopers! It is a very interesting place to climb, and it provides a little bit for every level of climber to struggle on.


The boulder patch is only about 300-400 feet long, but it is host to many quality climbs. For more information on Buffalo Park, check out the Mountain Project website guide here:

So there it is folks, come and see us sometime! If you want to do it this year, you better do it quick. We just got our first snow in Flagstaff today! It was barely an inch in town, but more will come soon I am sure! There will also be some more videos or images to come as the scenery changes! Thanks for visiting 🙂

Till next time,

Kyle Simmons

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Hiking Out of the Dust and the Fog


Today three friends and I went for a hike in the San Grogonio Wilderness. The San Bernardino Peak stands at 10,649 feet and it is a 16 mile round trip with 5,100 foot elevation gain. It is a very doable day hike if you are equipped with crampons and maybe even one ice axe or pole. We made it to the halfway point which was about what we expected considering we only had a half day. Round trip it was eight or nine miles of oak and pine forest which comes as a very high recommendation.

The hike consisted of mostly packed snow and a little bit of ice. Lower down and mid-way you also still have much access to the dirt trail. The hike has many beautiful views and rest points as well as many photogenic opportunities. The parking lot was surprisingly full, however, we did not come across more than three or four groups along the way. The trail is steep at times but time goes by fast once you focus and really start hiking.

The above image is of the San Barnardino Peak. This picture was taken somewhere around halfway on our hike and around a quarter way to the top. It does not  look too bad from this point, but the trail becomes knee to waist high covered in hard, slippery snow just after the halfway mark. Current trail conditions considered, it is incredible that there is such amazing access to these elevations in february! Hopefully tonight and in the coming week there will be snowstorms as indicated by the hazy look to the valley bellow.

We got to our eventual turn around point. My guess is that we were around eight or nine thousand feet. Next time hopefully I will get to go to the top, maybe even do a timed run or speed hike to the top and back. We will see…until then i will be doing more yard work and trying to move to Arizona. I hope whatever you are doing makes you happy and gives you inspiration!

-Kyle Simmons


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Living in…Tahoe

The Lake Tahoe region of California/Nevada affords some of the best mountainous terrain the United States has to offer. From mountain biking to rock climbing and everything in between, Tahoe has some of the best land to fulfill your fancies.

My roommate and the the two snowmobiles in the garage.

I first came to Tahoe with a few friends who were visiting me in Yosemite. It was love at first sight! From the instant I saw the lake I knew I had to settle down here for a little while. After that things began to slowly fall into place. I am starting work at Northstar Resort in November and it is going to be my most epic winter to date. No doubt about that.

The snowboard rackSummer was epic! I ended up spending the later half of summer right here in Incline Village. Parties at the beach and girls in bikini’s all day never gets old. I could deal with that face of Tahoe all year with no complaints. But as most of you probably know, Tahoe does not stay sunny and warm forever.

Kayaker by Chimney Beach

A solid portion of the year in Tahoe is spent surrounded by snow! We already got a very small first taste earlier in October. This will be my first winter in Tahoe and trust me, you will be hearing me bitch about the cold a lot! Although I am looking forward to breaking out the shred stick for the first time in two years and taking her into some powder.

Snowboarding in October

It is fall now, and winter is approaching fast. The missing passenger window in my Jeep is a constant reminder of that. Tomorrow the ski resorts will open up for the first time. It is a fun time of year. Ski/snowboard movies are the only things playing on all the televisions and it is all anyone can think or talk about. A new season approaches us, and with it a new experience!

My house in the Fall

All in all, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Having the opportunity to live here is a gift, and I am learning it is a gift you have to work to earn. I am looking forward to the next year or so (you never know with a climbing bum) living in Tahoe, and I hope you will be reading along with me!

-Kyle Simmons